Kate Lemke studied Design at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. To extend her education, Kate travelled abroad to Berlin, Germany in 2016 where she studied Critical Design, a field which focuses on fostering awareness of the social, cultural, and ethical implications of design.
Kate began her design career working at the design studio, Büro Weiss in Berlin. In 2018, Kate landed her role as Graphic Designer at the award winning advertising and design studio, The Met Agency in Edmonton, Alberta.
As a designer Kate is recognized for her highly strategic and collaborative approach to creativity.

“Kate checks every box a Creative Director could wish for. She’s creative and solutions focused. She’s not afraid to speak up or take risks. She questions in a way that is smart, productive, thoughtful and articulate. She’s curious, explorative yet strategic and able to see the big picture. Kate has a great heart and personality to match.” — Terry Elkins, Creative Director, g[squared]